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Reka Viktoria Nemet

Multimedia Artist

New website: https://heureeka.wordpress.com

Born and raised in Hungary, Budapest. 
Her promising show-jumping career was turned down by a horse accident and drove her towards art and technology. The result was 6 years study and life in Austria, Vienna - University of Applied Arts, Digital Art. Her first live-digital visual projects were done in New Zealand. A vector graphical drawing and software development experience came on top of all in Budapest at a security printing company. Her desire for traveling brought her around the world both by plane and on board Cruise ships while working more than 3 years in the broadcast (onboard television) and doing a Working Holiday in New Zealand. 

Recently she is doing an artistic research on the digitization of money as an undergraduate at the Multimedia Art Doctoral school of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. 


digital art, video, interviews, commercials, animation, short movie, illustration, hand drawing, photo, still and motion graphics, security print design, basic 3D modeling + animation, performance with multimedia projection, design, software development.


creative projects, digital security and design, short film, video, animation, documentary, illustration, photo, drawing, computer arts, 3D modeling/animation, illusion, swimming, horse riding/training/parelli method, nature, animals, music, traveling, languages, seeing, learning...





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